"The Real" History

It all starts with the legendary Ponce DeLeon who in 1500s led an expedition for the Fountain of Youth. When he discovered that the water from the Fountain has unique properties, he said that it can be used to make delicious foods. Fast forwarded to modern times and that same water is being used to make our delicious dough that's responsible for our delicious food; pizza, calzone, stromboli, you name it.

Enter Frank

Owner Frank Arguello started cooking at a young age and learned most of pizza-making at DeLeon. The pizzeria opened back in 1988. Frank loves running the pizzeria. Frank likes talking to people, the customers, and making food. He started working at DeLeon since its beginning. Five years into working at DeLeon Frank took over the pizzeria. "More than 20 years later I still love running my pizzeria".